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The Gauthier - Johanneson Family

"Everyone deserves a chance and a safe and secure environment."

The Gauthier - Johanneson Family

Stacey, Krysta, Connor, and Hayden have rented their entire lives. Over the years they have become frustrated because like many other Canadians, the high cost of renting made their goals of homeownership less and less attainable. This, coupled with the growing issues they had with theft and trespassing, are what prompted the Gauthier-Johanneson’s to apply to be a Habitat partner family for the 2022-2023 build.

“Being a homeowner will change our lives because we are actually going to be paying towards owning our own home, as opposed to renting . This will be so beneficial for our children because they will have a stable and secure home to grow up and feel comfortable and safe in”.

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