The Midian Family

Feb. 20, 2020

By Habitat for Humanity Red Deer Region Society on 20.02.2020

The Midian family was selected in July 2019 to become Habitat homeowners in Lacombe, where they were living in a rental home. After moving to Canada over 3 years earlier, when they lost their home in Syria to Isis, owning a home here in Canada seemed like a faraway dream for Jamil and Sherin. The year before applying, they started to feel less and less hopeful that they would ever make progress here in Central Alberta. While Jamil had been working 2 jobs, it’s difficult to save money for a down payment while looking after the daily living expenses for a family of 5. On a day they were feeling at their lowest, that they would never get ahead and thinking they may need to move away to find better opportunity, Habitat called to tell them they were approved for homeownership. They love this community, so finding out they were selected for this home was an answer to their daily prayers. Now they are happy to be planting deeper roots in the Lacombe community, and feel secure knowing they have a place to call their own.

As is the process with an existing Habitat home, the family moves in on a lease agreement while they continue working on their 500 volunteer hours. The Midian family moved into the Habitat home in September 2019 and Jamil worked tirelessly in the ReStore and on the Sylvan Lake build site, using all his vacation time from work to complete the hours. He enjoyed the work on the build site because he learned so much about Canadian housing construction and all that it involves, as houses in Syria are very different and the experience will help him in his new home.

The Midian family loves hockey, soccer, biking, and spending time together as a family. They are passionate about serving people around them—whether it is cooking for others or offering a listening ear to those who need it. They were previously living in a home with all 3 of their young boys in one bedroom, so the boys are enjoying their new home with more space and are hoping to find the local pond to be a good hockey rink in winter!

Their future goals are to develop the basement, do more camping, and to share Christ’s love with other refugee families. To the Midian family, home means stability, peace, refuge, and a place to gather. We are very happy to welcome this wonderful family to Habitat, and are proud to announce they have completed all 500 hours of sweat equity (in record time) and signed their purchase agreement! They are grateful for this opportunity and are happy to officially be homeowners with Habitat for Humanity.