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Get to Know Aspen

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

We would like to introduce you to Aspen, our outgoing, friendly, and very helpful Office and Family Services Manager. Aspen started at Habitat Red Deer in January 2023, and has quickly connected with the role. If you have dropped into our office or reached out to learn more about us, you probably have chatted with Aspen. She ensures our office runs smoothly daily, and importantly, she assists the families in our Affordable Homeownership Program. She is pictured here getting ready to facilitate a Habitat 101 Class for our future Red Deer Evergreen homeowners.

When asked to describe her role a bit more she shared. "My role is a dual role between office management and family services manager. Essentially, I manage the day-to-day affairs at the office, but my main role is assisting the families we support in our Affordable Homeownership Program. This includes anything related to family services, such as hosting and presenting at family information sessions, compiling applications and being a part of the selection process of families for our program, completing home visits, managing families selected for our program through their volunteer hours and other requirements, as well as helping families once they have purchased their home with Habitat through the homeownership process, which includes assisting with legal mortgage set-up and mortgage payments moving forward."

We asked her what she likes most about her job she shared. "When I say I love my job, I really mean it! Honestly, I love everything about my role with Habitat. It's a diverse and meaningful role, and I'm honoured that it's mine! I'm very passionate about the work we do with the community and families we partner with. I love being able to say that I'm a part of such an amazing organization that makes a huge difference in people’s lives. It's amazing knowing that what you do is such an imperative service to the community and the families we support!"

She also shared what she wished more people knew about Habitat Red Deer. "Affordable Homeownership is such a paramount service to the community and alleviates so much strain that is placed on the rental and housing market. I wish more people read up on Habitat to understand our mission and values and that it's a misconception that we give away free homes. Not only do the families in our affordable homeownership program pay a mortgage, but they also pay all costs of homeownership once they own their homes, just like any other person that owns their home through a traditional lender. Habitat for Humanity does not give handouts to families; rather, we provide a hand-up to families that ensures that they are paying an affordable amount of their income to housing while building equity in a place to call their own!"

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