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Get to Know Shirley

Get to know Shirley! Shirley is our ReStore Warehouse Lead. If you have come in to shop or have donated to Habitat Red Deer ReStore you have probably met Shirley! Shirley is friendly, kind, and helpful to all our ReStore shoppers.

Shirley’s role as Warehouse Lead lends to every day being a new adventure! In her role, Shirley is busy ensuring that all the donations coming in are received and then distributed to the appropriate area of the store. She also takes the opportunity to interact with all the people who drop off donations. “Listening to their stories about the history of the items coming in is always a great experience that I am also able to share with the people coming in to purchase and can take that history home with them as well” Shared Shirley warmly. Shirley also helps curate donations for social media. If you follow us, you have seen here eye for finding amazing items every Friday for our Friday Finds!

Shirley enjoys so much of what her role encompasses. She couldn’t choose just one part! From the great team of people that bring a variety of ideas to our day-to-day operations to working alongside the partner families to helping the customers coming into the store find just the right product for their project or the right accent to their home. I am proud to work here! I never hesitate to let everyone know I work at Habitat Red Deer ReStore and the work that we do!

Shirley wishes more people knew about Habitat Red Deer and the ReStore in general. "I have discovered that we seem to be a greatly kept secret to a lot of people. Or if they know about Habitat Red Deer and the ReStore, they do not know all that we encompass, especially with the Restore!” Shirley knows that if more people knew about the ReStore, they would love all the great finds for any project. She is also confident that shoppers would love knowing that they are supporting Habitat Red Deer’s mission of helping families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership with every purchase!

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