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Meenah and Family

"Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose."

Meenah and Family

Habitat Red Deer is excited to share the introduction of Meenah and her three children, future homeowners of a Red Deer Habitat Home.

Meenah and her family are moving into a Habitat Red Deer Buy Back home. Habitat Red Deer's Buy Back Program allows us to buy back an existing Habitat-built home from the homeowners who are ready to move on and select another qualifying family for the same home. Meenah and her family will be the second Habitat Homeowners to own this home.

Meenah is originally from Nigeria and immigrated to Canada becoming a permanent resident 5 years ago. She first landed in Ontario, then moved to Red Deer four years later. Meenah works as an Immigrant Settlement and Support Worker. In her role, she supports newcomers in their transition and settlement. In her free time, Meenah enjoys reading, writing, and serving the community. Her children describe her as a supermom with superpowers! Some of her superpowers are her intelligence, protectiveness, and amazing attitude.

Meenah is a mom of three adventurous, intelligent and dynamic children who keep her very busy. Her children like to be active and creative; they participate in sports, reading, drawing, and crafting for fun. As a family, they enjoy spending time together. Eid, the celebration that marks the end of Ramadan, a period of fasting, spiritual reflection and prayer, is the family's favourite holiday to celebrate together.

Renting has been difficult for the family. While living in Ontario, they faced many challenges, like rent increases and small living space. These challenges of renting added stress to their family, exhausting Meenah as she tried to keep up with the escalating rent payments and finding a space that fit her family.
Meenah applied to Habitat Red Deer's Affordable Homeownership program with nervous excitement. When her family was accepted into the program, Meenah was thrilled. "I felt so grateful and proud to be accepted into the program. My children were very happy!" The children are excited to have their own garden in their backyard. They hope to start their garden this year in the spring. The family is looking forward to being creative and making their house feel like a home, a dream that Meenah has had for her family since applying to the program.

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