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  • Need for decent, affordable shelter"
    Some factors that are considered when we are determining need include: structural issues with the home, mold, unsafe environment, overcrowding, and cost of housing. Part of the approval process involves an in-home interview by the Family Selection Committee, considering factors such as: - Issues with plumbing, heating, ventilation, wiring, mold, or the structure of the home. - Unsafe location or environment, no safe area for children to play, or not accessible to schools, shopping or transportation. - Inadequate housing such as overcrowding, no kitchen, not wheelchair accessible if required. - Whether the percentage of income currently being spent on housing is unreasonable or too high. These are all areas of need that Habitat Red Deer will consider and should be indicated on your Home Application form if you choose to apply.
  • Ability to pay
    Financial suitability is determined by various factors. We require an adult in the home to be working, and will review information including: credit rating and loans, bankruptcy claims, and household income, which should be between $45,000 and $70,000. Families must also be able to pay their own legal costs, property taxes, home insurance, maintenance, and other expenses related to homeownership. Habitat Red Deer has various requirements to determine if the family is financially suitable and will ask for documents to verify all criteria. - An adult in the home is currently employed and shows at least one year of stable work history. - The gross household income is between $45,000-$70,000. This is the total for all working adults (including non-student children over 18) intending to live in the home, and includes employment, child tax credit, AISH, and any other forms of income. Upper limit may be increased for families of 5+ people. - The family has been discharged from bankruptcy for at least 3 years (if applicable). - Credit rating and debt load will be considered. - Homeowners are responsible for their own moving expenses, legal costs, property taxes, home insurance, utilities, some appliances, landscaping costs, fencing, maintenance/repair costs, and other expenses related to homeownership. The amount of the monthly mortgage payment with Habitat is based on approximately 25-30% of the family’s gross monthly income. These payments cycle back into our funds to build more homes.
  • Willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity Red Deer
    The process of being selected as a future homeowner and purchasing the home is a partnership with Habitat Red Deer. Each Habitat Red Deer homeowner family must complete 500 Partnership hours (volunteer hours) before signing a purchase agreement. Families can complete these hours with Habitat Red Deer and other approved community organizations, with some help from friends and family. Owning a Habitat home requires a commitment from the family to be actively involved with Habitat and our mission. We will need cooperation during the review process when asking for personal information, references, and supporting documentation for financial criteria. This includes a criminal record/vulnerable sectors check. We require homeowners to be participants in Habitat events and to complete a certain number of hours on Habitat sites. As a Habitat homeowner, the family must adhere to all policies and procedures set out by Habitat Red Deer and keep the home and yard in good condition at all times. Partnership hours are an important way for future homeowners to invest in their home and demonstrate their commitment to homeownership and the Habitat for Humanity program. The family’s willingness to maintain a positive partnership with Habitat Red Deer is a factor in the review process!
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