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Evergreen, Red Deer

February, 2024

This month, we had the second set of garage doors installed, giving both duplexes a new exterior look. 


Priming and painting were completed in the second duplex, moving us along on schedule.

The first duplex is currently having kitchen and bathroom cabinets installed. The open-concept kitchen, dining and living room are becoming more defined with the addition of the kitchen island. The second duplex will receive kitchen and bathroom cabinets in the next few weeks.

Next on the timeline will be flooring! Check back for updates soon! 

January, 2024

The new year has arrived and has brought more progress!


The first duplex has completed mudding and taping. We have also primed and painted the walls. The second duplex has had drywall installed, and we are moving along to mudding and taping. 

The second duplex had its bathroom tubs installed. Finishing work continues inside and out as we move one step closer to the finish line! 

December, 2023

December has brought us one step closer to finishing our four new homes! The drywall has gone up in the first duplex, and we are moving along to mudding and taping. The second duplex has drywall delivered, and the first pieces are going up!


The primary bathrooms in one duplex have had their tubs installed. The bathroom is starting to take shape! 

We filmed a holiday house tour of one of the future Evergreen homes to show off all our updates. If you are interested in watching, click the link below!