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Current Builds

Aspen Lakes West Build in Blackfalds

We have come to Blackfalds! Over the course of 2020 and 2021 we will be building two duplexes in the Aspen Lakes West neighborhood.


July 2021

Roth Contracting has completed the back decks, and back stairs in addition to the wheelchair ramp on our accessible unit! The kitchen countertops are installed thanks to Aya Cabinets. Bruin's has finished all the plumbing and our window and door lock outs are complete thanks to Tyko! 


June 2021

Millers Concrete has poured the driveways! Pride Rock is putting the final touches on all the painting and Tandem Finishing has completed the base boards. Thanks to Tile One for delivering all the flooring material and to Carpet Colour Centre for competing the installation! The countertops have been delivered by FloForm and Aya Cabinets have installed all the cabinets. The back decks are looking great thanks to Roth Contracting and the grass is laid! 


May 2021

Portable Fencing stopped by to take down the orange fence and Abbey Platinum Master Built has removed the bins! All of the cabinets have been installed and the counter tops have been ordered thanks to Aya Cabinets. The vinyl plank flooring supplied by Tile One has been installed by Carpet Colour Centre and the parking pads are prepped and ready for concrete - Millers Concrete. 


April 2021 

It was a big day delivering all the cabinets with AYA Cabinets, thanks to the volunteers from Lacombe Ford it was a great day made a little easier! The rock was delivered by Timberstone and installed by Miner Masonry! The sub floor is in Tandem Finishing, base and case sprayed by Pride Rock Paining!  


March 2021

We celebrated our Women's Build week all month long! With 30 new volunteers, all women - we got a lot accomplished! We had our first TeamBUILD of 2021 - welcoming the Blackfalds Bulldogs on the 2nd and the Town of Blackfalds on the 25th. We have lights! Thanks to Carrington Lighting and PASS Electric. All our finishing material has been delivered thanks to Windsor Plywood. The eves went up on the coldest day of the month, thanks to Henry's Eavestroughing for toughing out the wind! 


February 2021

With a blast of Winter finally hitting Blackfalds we had to keep moving to stay warm! The duplexes have a pop of colour now with the siding complete thanks to Elite Exteriors! All the mudding is finished, the doors are mortised and some are even hung! We're looking forward to warmer days and TeamBUILD opportunities next month! 


January 2021

New year - same build! With the siding almost complete on two units, we really can't believe how fast things are coming together! Drywall is underway and the basements have been poured. Plus, the wheel chair lift in the stairwell has been enforced - the first accessible unit for Habitat Red Deer! 


December 2020

Our Blackfalds build is moving quickly heading into the holiday season. We are grateful to have McQueen Digital providing aerial photos to showcase the progress of the build. Machine framing has capped the second floor on the second duplex and the first duplex framing is almost complete! Windows and doors are almost all in. The units are horded, the roof is sheathed and the front deck is framed. Portable fencing is now in place around site and Home Truss has delivered the next set of Trusses!


November 2020

Things are moving along well in Blackfalds! We had the windows and doors delivered by All Weather Windows, the fire truss drywalled and ready for installation. The interior wall and second floor walls have been installed, and the 2nd duplex first floor joist are almost complete with both basement stairwells erected! 


October 2020

October was an energetic month out at our build site! We completed three TeamBUILDS for the faming stage. DOW Canada came out on October 9th and 29th, and we welcomed Forum Properties to the site on October 19th! Framing stage is well underway and we hope to wrap it up next month.  


September 2020

Our build is underway! If you drive by our build site now, it looks completely different than it did last month. The basements were dug, electrical, cable and gas services have been run and we have some walls up. Make sure to stop by or sign up to volunteer at the build to keep an eye on our progress!


August 2020

In August we were FINALLY able to break ground after a whirlwind of a year so far! We were joined by countless community partners, representatives from both the Town of Blackfalds and the Alberta Government, as well as our future homeowners. It was a windy day, but we persevered, we are very excited to finally be beginning this build and breaking ground on the future homes of four hard working families.