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The Halladay Family

The Halladay Family

We would like to introduce you to the Halladay Family, future Homeowners in Red Deer Evergreen. Meet Christina and her ten-year-old daughter Liberty. Christina is a kind, hard-working, and dedicated parent. Christina shared that Liberty is a creative, positive, and resilient child, with a fantastic sense of humour. Liberty describes her sense of humour as her funny bone landing right (what a great way to put it). Liberty enjoys rock climbing, soccer, swimming, and creating with crafts and art projects. This mother and daughter like spending time together, whether it is a quiet morning at home or out on a fun new adventure.

Christina works as a Banking Advisor in Central Alberta. She was born in Alberta but spent her childhood and young adult years in Saskatchewan. She moved back to Alberta to make Red Deer her home in 2005. Christina and Liberty's experience renting has been difficult. Liberty has severe dog and environmental allergies. They shared that it can be challenging to mitigate allergy flare-ups while renting, especially in a long-term rental property that has had many past renters. The family also struggles with the affordability factor of renting. The worry and uncertainty of renting have affected the family negatively over time. Christina shared that she applied to the program in hopes of bettering her family's future through home security. She shared that she feels this was possibly the only chance of homeownership.

When the Halladay family was selected for the Habitat Red Deer's Affordable Homeownership Program, they were very excited. Liberty was slightly nervous but very excited, to the point of happy tears. Christina was stunned and in disbelief, then felt overwhelming gratitude and excitement. The family looks forward to having an allergy-free home they can control. They are also excited to decorate and design their new home to fit their family's style best.

Christina feels that becoming a homeowner gives her family a sense of security that she was not sure they would ever have. Christina explained, "I hope that this is a foundation that Liberty is able to build a peaceful life from." Christina encourages other families to apply to Habitat Red Deer's Affordable Homeownership Program and to be their own advocate. "I know it is hard sometimes to think that we are deserving or not to think there must be people who need it more than us, but you never know until you apply," she says. "Be your own advocate and be open to receiving a hand up."

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