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The Mohammad Wais Family

“Expect nothing and appreciate everything.”

The Mohammad Wais Family

We would like to introduce you to the Mohammad Wais Family, future homeowners in Red Deer Evergreen. The Wais family is comprised of Mohammad, Soma and their four children Lema, Homayoon, Lina, and Haroon.

Soma and Mohammad were both born in Afghanistan. Soma grew up in Afghanistan, while Mohammad’s family moved around, leading him to grow up in many countries. The couple came to Canada in 2006, landing in Montreal and later moving to Red Deer.

Soma is hard-working, Mohammad is caring and together they are responsible and generous parents. They have four children, two girls and two boys. Their oldest daughter Lema is 16 years old; she is funny, smart and outgoing. In her free time Lema likes soccer and baseball. Homayoon is 14 years old. He is creative and athletic. He likes going to the gym and playing basketball, soccer and cricket in his free time. Lina is 13 years old. She is audacious, pure-hearted, and quick-witted. She enjoys soccer and baseball. Haroon is the youngest and 6 years old. He is adorable and smart. He enjoys learning letters and numbers. In his free time, he likes to play soccer, basketball, and football. The family likes to spend time together, one of their favourite family memories is celebrating Eid and other religious holidays with family and friends.
The Mohammad Wais family are very happy to be accepted into Habitat Red Deer’s affordable homeownership program. The family is currently renting a home that is lacking space for a family their size. They are excited to have more space in their Evergreen home and be in a safer neighbourhood. The children are looking forward to having a backyard, with the opportunity to have a trampoline and to be close to a park and pond. They also shared that they are most excited to have their own rooms, with the chance to paint and design their rooms. This is something that the family has not been able to do previously in their rented homes.

The family said that working towards homeownership has been very rewarding. They feel that the experience has given them a sense of hope and responsibility. Soma and Mohammad sincerely expressed that they know becoming homeowners will benefit their children. They believe it is important for all families to have a safe, decent and affordable home because it brings a sense of togetherness. “It shows children what family can look like and proves safety for them." said the couple.

We look forward to welcoming the Mohammad Wais family into their new home in Red Deer Evergreen.

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