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Vicky and Family

Broken Bonds with Great Success

Vicky and Family

We would like to introduce one of our future homeowner families for Red Deer Evergreen, Vicky and her three sons. We are very excited to share more about this family!

Vicky is a hardworking, consistent, and kind person. She moved to Red Deer from Sudan in 2010 and currently works as a housekeeper. Vicky enjoys reading, volunteering, and writing. She hopes to travel the world. Vicky has three sons they are Vince, Isaac, and Daniel. Vince is strong and capable. He likes basketball and social studies in school. He would like to have a career as a lawyer. Isaac is a hardworking and creative person. He enjoys basketball, football, and science. He would like to play in the NBA in the future. Daniel is a playful and smart person. He likes soccer, drawing, and math. He would like to play pro soccer in the future. The family shared with us that a favourite memory they have is when their cousins came to visit them for Christmas.

Friends told Vicky about Habitat Red Deer's Affordable Homeownership program. She shared that she would encourage families to apply in the future if they were considering it. The family currently lives in Red Deer. They have had some issues with safety in the past homes they have rented, which has made things hard on the family. Vicky shared that she needs to take higher precautions for herself and her kids when walking around their current neighbourhood.

Vicky feels that the program's reward is being successful and getting a house. She shared that she applied to the Habitat program to make a change in the world. Vicky told us that although the process was scary, but she was excited to be chosen. The family is excited about the space they will have in their new home. They are looking forward to hosting a BBQ, having more space to play sports and games, and being part of a peaceful neighbourhood. They are also happy that their new home will be closer to work and school, which will make things much easier for them!

Vicky believes it's essential for families to have a safe, decent, affordable home because of the positive impact it can have on the family. To this family, being a good neighbour means being reasonable and tolerant of other people’s views and lifestyles. What great neighbours we know this family will be!

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