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Adam Goodwin

Adam is the Vice President of Operations at Prime Boiler Services, an active team that enjoys helping the community and various good causes.

Adam has a strong sense of community and raised his two children in Red Deer, so he understands the massive value that good housing can have on all walks of life. Housing is critical to strengthening a community, and from house building in the mid-90s to now being able to serve on the board of Red Deer Region’s Habitat for Humanity is how Adam wants to continue to help build.

Adam recently completed his ICD.D designation with a focus on indigenous inclusion, has a 2nd-class Power Engineering certificate, an MBA, a Postgraduate Diploma in Neuroscience, and is currently completing an MSc in Sustainability and Energy Transitions to help foster positive conversations and actions toward providing energy security, equity, and sustainability for future generations. Housing is a natural extension of these goals, and Adam believes they are intertwined with prosperity.

Adam Goodwin
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