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Get to Know Janelle

Get to know Janelle! Janelle is our Fund Development Manager. If you have booked a TeamBUILD day for our Evergreen build or joined our new

Leaders in Housing group, you have chatted with Janelle. She is behind all of our fundraising efforts and supports community partnerships. Below, Janelle shares a bit more about her role and passion for Habitat Red Deer.

My role is Fund Development Manager. This role includes everything to do with fundraising so that we can continue to build more homes! I apply for grants, coordinate our community’s favourite TeamBuild program, and get the word out about Habitat so donors who believe in our mission can join us. I also ensure our donors and partners are recognized for their support and know they are genuinely impacting the community through Habitat’s affordable homeownership program.

I’m very grateful to have this job. I have great coworkers, I get to meet wonderful families, and every day is a little bit different. We work with so many different people, local businesses, and trade partners, so I really get to engage with the community while helping to move Habitat forward.

I have been with Habitat for a long time for a reason; I truly believe in it and want to see families become successful, happy, and independent!

There are many families out there that could benefit from the program but don’t know we exist. Or people don’t know the connection with our ReStore and how it supports Habitat’s mission. Affordable homeownership is becoming out of reach for so many, and the families we serve (low-income, working families with dependent children) who usually

have no other resources to help them. They maybe don’t qualify for income support or subsidized housing, but they are ready to take on homeownership and can’t get approved for a traditional mortgage. Our program might be the right fit.

And, of course, many people think we give away homes – we don’t! Our families work very hard for their homes and pay their mortgages to provide a stable home for their family.

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