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Get to Know Karen

Get to know Karen, Habitat Red Deer’s CEO. If you have attended a Habitat Red Deer event, like our Groundbreaking Ceremony or Home Dedication you have probably met Karen and heard her speak. Karen is a strong and kind leader who has created a community for Habitat Red Deer of committed staff, passionate volunteers, proud homeowners and valued community members. Below Karen shares about her role and passion for Habitat Red Deer.

As CEO, I wear a lot of hats! My main functions include operations planning and management, land procurement for builds, donor and stakeholder relations, budgeting & financial planning, and overseeing all HR matters for Habitat Red Deer. I also play a key role in government advocacy and being the main liaison between Habitat Red Deer and our federation, Habitat for Humanity Canada.

One of the best things about working at Habitat Red Deer is that we get to see very tangible results of achieving our mission through the building of affordable homes. There is nothing like presenting our families with keys to their new homes at the end of a build project – that NEVER gets old. Over the last 6 years as CEO, I am proud to say we’ve constructed 17 homes and are in the middle of building another 4, and we’re not done yet! This year, we are celebrating the incredible milestone of 50 homes built over our 29-year history in Central Alberta.

I would love for more community members to know that Habitat Red Deer does not give away homes for free! Every family we partner with does 500 volunteer hours and pays an affordable mortgage geared to their income. This provides families with a hand-up into affordable homeownership.

I would also like for more people to know that our ReStore is a critical part of Habitat Red Deer’s success. Without the proceeds generated by ReStore, we would not be able to offer the programs and build as many homes as we do. Every time you shop or donate to the ReStore, you are helping to solve the affordable housing crisis we all face.

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