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Meet Alexis

Get to know Alexis! Alexis is our Communications Coordinator (and the author of all these staff bios, hi!). If you have connected with us online or inquired about volunteering, you have chatted with Alexis. She is behind our social media, monthly newsletter, volunteer support, and sharing Habitat Red Deer's voice.

My role with Habitat Red Deer is Communications Coordinator. This means that I share Habitat Red Deer's story with the community! This includes creating print and digital materials (things like posters, brochures, ads, and one-pages), social media content, news and press releases, the monthly newsletter, and stories from our families and staff. I also support volunteers, helping individual volunteers find the right role for them either on the build or in the Restore. I also support TeamBUILD volunteers in making the most of their day on-site.

You might see a theme in these interviews with staff, we all love our roles and Habitat Red Deer. I am continuing this theme as I echo my colleagues; I love my role and Habitat Red Deer! I have worked in non-profits for a number of years now, it is my passion to support building strong and healthy communities. I believe empowering others through education, community engagement, and kindness will lead to a better world for future generations. Strong communities start with supporting individuals. I love my role because I am able to share the impact of Habitat Red Deer and provide a platform to speak about the need for safe and affordable housing. I love that I am able to connect with the community and help magnify others' voices in the community.

I wish that more people knew the impact that affordable housing has on families, future generations, and the community. Families with a safe, decent and affordable place to live can find more financial stability, reduce family stress, build resilience, and generate community benefits. When families have access to programs like Habitat Red Deer's Affordable Homeownership Program, they are able to provide better outcomes for themselves and the next generation of their families. And when you support programs like ours, you are not just helping one family for one moment but your community for a lifetime.

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