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"Our home is our safe haven, a place where we find hope."---Madalina, Grade 5

"Our home is our safe haven, a place where we find hope.

It’s somewhere we gather strength when it's difficult to cope.

It's a place of joyous laughter, and sometimes one of tears.

A treasure chest of memories, collected through the years."

--- Madalina, Grade 5, Red Deer

Madalina and many other grades 4, 5 and 6 students across Canada were asked to share what home means to them in the Habitat for Humanity #MeaningOfHome writing contest; which is now open and accepting entries. Three grand prize winners will each receive a $30,000 grant to help a local Habitat for Humanity build a place to call home for families in need of affordable housing.

Every local student who enters the Meaning of Home contest earns a $10 donation towards Habitat for Humanity Red Deer. In addition to the grand prize winners, nine runners up will receive a $10,000 grant for their local Habitat build.

Founded by Sagen in 2007, the Meaning of Home contest has raised over $1.7 million to help build decent and affordable housing in communities across Canada. Over 80,000 students have shared the importance of home in poems and short essays. Last year a record-breaking 12,000 entries were received.

Thanks to Madalina and her friends, we are well on our way to break that record in 2022!

To view more #MeaningOfHome submissions visit

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